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I had a happy time on Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo “Jewels of the South China Sea” trip last month. I had been to Star Cruises when I was small, this time going back to Star Cruises after almost 20 years, I have earned another memorable journey. A complete different travel experience compared with travel by plane.

“Jewels of the South China Sea” is cruising around several cities during March to May. The cities are Manila, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines; Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Hong Kong. 6 days 5 nights trip, spending 5 nights on the cruise, including the day joining the cruise trip, and SuperStar Virgo stops each city for and day, plus a whole day sailing in the sea.

There’re several room types (cabin) on the cruise. The cheapest choice is cabin without windows, and next is cabin with window.

This time I stayed at the Oceanview Stateroom with balcony, cozy and comfy cabin, the size is bigger than I expected. I can open the glass door anytime, to enjoy the sea breeze at viewing the ocean anytime I want.

Clean and well equipped facilities for the bathroom. Shower gel and shampoo has decent jasmine scent and is not bad to use. Hair dryer is in cabin’s drawer, with bathrobes and slippers inside the wardrobe. They have 3-pin plugs, self-controlled air conditioning.

It has wifi service on cruise, around $330HKD for 3 days, totally fine to go online for me everyday. Also it has Star Navigator leaflet for showing the timetable of the shows, restaurants details and destination information.

SuperStar Virgo has 10 public floors, on the top floor it has a nice swimming pool, gym room and spa. There’s a fun water slide to play. It has basketball court too. You can join yoga or dancing class for free, quite a lot of sports activities to do.

講到吃,上船絕對不用擔心這一方面,每天都有非常多的選擇,我全都吃過了,味道都很不錯的日本菜跟印度菜,收費不會太貴,可先參考餐廳外的餐牌再作決定。船上十多間餐廳同酒吧中,有三間免費的餐廳 – 自助餐、西餐跟中餐。No need to worry about dining on cruise, a lot of choices everyday. I have all tried and they’re all good. First I tried Japanese food and Indian food, they’re not too expensive, you can refer to the menu restaurant outside the restaurant and then decide which one you want to try. There are more than ten restaurants and bars onboard, which three are free restaurants – buffet, western and Chinese food.

Worth a try at their Italian restaurant Palazzo, their bread with tomato sauce and olive oil is perfectly made, I had a pleasant dinner.

Wonderful experience at Gala Dinner. Everyone can join, just need to apply beforehand.

菲律賓的國民甜點Halo Halo郵輪上也有,香芋冰淇淋加上煉乳冰,還有椰果、紅豆跟熱帶水果,好吃。在12樓的雪糕店有賣,$48港幣。
On cruise it has a common dessert in the Philippines- Halo Halo, taro ice cream with condensed milk shaved ice, on top it has coconut, sago, gulaman (agar jelly) and fruits. I missed this dessert when I visited Manila and Laoag, luckily I can still try this on the cruise! $48HKD.

My most favourite restaurant on SuperStar Virgo is Blue Lagoon, lots of Asia delicacy, like their authentic delicious laksa only sells $78HkD per one.

晚上的節目可精彩了,每個晚上都有不同的表演節目,我看過非常精彩的魔術表演和舞蹈表演,其中那位魔術師Rick Green我曾在英國選秀節目看過他,在郵輪可以看到他真的太開心了!表演超精彩的,沒特別事情不要那麼早就回房睡覺喔。

At night the cruise prepares a lot of shows and activities. I have watched their dancing shows and magic shows. I watched the magician Rick Green on the British Got Talent before and I could see his show live! So glad and surprised! Don’t go to sleep early, totally worth watching their shows.

After a whole day staying on the cruise, I arrived Manila. Visited some churches and ate a tasty ice cream. You can join their tour or just call Uber to bring you to the places you want to go.

Next day I arrived Ilocos Norte. I have joined the city tour and tried a lot of street food and snacks! The city remained the churches and the sand tower built when was the colony under Spain.

I always go to Kaohsiung but this is definitely my first time to arrive by cruise. The port is just next to Pier 2 and the city, so very easy to go out for food and for fun! I had my favourite shaved ice and xiaolongbao, happy.

I ended the trip at 1:30pm for the last day, I didn’t arrange any activity. Ordered a room service breakfast and enjoyed my last day in the room. This time the journey is full of joy, love and unforgettable memories. Almost all of the crew is nice and friendly, those who knew me said hello to me everyday when we met. A lot of things to do on the cruise, or you can just do nothing and enjoy the sea view. Next time I would like to join the SuperStar Virgo cruise trip again with my family, must be fun!

SuperStar Virgo 處女星號


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